Delivery Guide

 ~ Photo Albums ~
Day of Album 
This album contains black and white edits of the photos delivered the day of the wedding
Full Album
This album contains all photo edits including different color options, and crop aspect ratios (4x5 and 4x6 for vertical photos)
Selects Album
This album contains the best photos and is the album you would typically be delivered. This album is ready to post, and has been laid out in an order to to tell your day as a story
Album for Parents of the Bride
Album for parents of the bride
Album for Parents of the Groom
Album for parents of the groom
Bonus B+W Album
This bonus album may or may not have photos in it, however is here to allow some of the photos cut at an earlier editing stage to still be available in black and white for use on screens or print
Behind the Scenes Album
A collection of behind the scenes photos
Venue Album
A collection of photos from throughout the day designed to be shared with the venue
~ Application ~
All digital uses
Matte and gloss exports for different print finishes
*You may notice graphics are different between print and screen as QR codes and other print only graphics are only present in the print albums.
~ Watermarking ~
Watermarked photos are only included on screen exports as few people may want watermarked print copies. If this is something you wish, please don't hesitate to ask.

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